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september 17, 2003

Joseph Wilson, Patriot

Joseph Wilson, the former US ambassador who blew the whistle on one of the major (dare I say it) lies in President Bush's 2003 State Of The Union address (you know, the one about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger to build a bomb), has fired another shot across the White House's bow with this editorial. No politician-shaking revelation in this one, but nonetheless an insightful and scathing critique of the administration's handling of the Iraq situation, past and present. He notes:

As Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was President Carter's national security adviser, has pointed out, at a time when our military might is at its zenith, our political and moral authority is at its lowest ebb.

I wish we had more Americans like Joseph Wilson. He placed his career and well-being on the line at a time when his country (not his government) needed him the most, perhaps one of the first brave souls to stand up and point out that this emperor isn't wearing any clothes. Unfortunately, he has already suffered as a result of his actions. A couple of unnamed senior White House officials recently leaked to the press that Wilson's wife is an undercover CIA operative (she was focused on counter-terrorism, by the way), a move which is not only a BIG felony, but puts both her and her many contacts overseas in mortal danger. The message this sends to the rest of the intelligence community is obvious... "Keep your mouth shut, or else."

In light of this attack on his family, I applaud Wilson for keeping up the pressure on this administration with his latest editorial.