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february 03, 2005

Smoke And Mirrors

Boy, the State of the Union speech last night was a zinger, wasn't it? I think the Rude Pundit says it best:

"...the moment when Safia Taleb al-Suhail embraced Janet Norwood, whose son was killed in action in Iraq, resides in a stomach-churning netherworld between revolting and disturbing. It was revolting for its exploitation of the pain of this mother as a political prop for Bush's speech. Byron Norwood, a Marine Sergeant from good ol' Texas, was killed in the destruction of Fallujah. It was disturbing because the media's perception of the hug was such a product of desired delusion: please, please, please don't let this mother's son have died in vain, please don't let that man on the podium have sold us a bill of goods."

If George W. Bush has taught us one thing over the last few years, it's that marketing is a perfect substitute for solving problems, especially the ones you create.