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february 28, 2005

Counting Every Vote

Senators Boxer, Clinton, and Kerry recently introduced the Count Every Vote Act, a great looking bill which tackles some long-overdue issues in the battle for electoral reform, namely giving felons back their right to vote, declaring Election Day a national holiday, and... wait for it... making verifiable paper trails on all electronic voting machines mandatory.

Now I ask you, what red-blooded American wouldn't leap to support this bill?! Let's see, is there anyone out there who would stand to lose if more low-income and minority people were allowed to vote, and then their votes were actually counted? Hmmm, well now that's strange... not a single Republican has signed on in support. Go figure.

Anyway, it should be interesting to see how they knock the bill off of the radar screen.

Honestly, though, part of me does kind of hope that the bill gets ditched rather than having this Republican-controlled congress get their hands on it for modification. Clearly their Help America Vote Act back in 2002 worked like a charm to fix the "rampant disenfranchisement problem" we saw in the 2000 election. Hell, some even speculate that shortcomings with HAVA paved the way to even bigger shenanigans in the 2004 election. Ah, but I digress...