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march 02, 2005

If You Can't Trust The Trustees...

According to a report just released by Rep. Henry Waxman and his Committee on Government Reform posse, there's a significant amount of evidence that the Social Security Administration (which has traditionally been non-political) has jumped into bed with the President to sell his private accounts plan. Who knew?

Kevin Drum picks a few choice excerpts from the report which show various SSA literature that had painted a rosy picture of things in 2000, but had became dark and scary by 2004. Which is kind of funny, considering the date for Social Security Armageddon has been steadily pushed out for the last decade.

You've got to hand it to Bush, though. Using an organization to help you undermine it's very existence? Now that's bad-ass!

Let's just hope the actuaries, who actually crunch the yearly predictions of Social Security's solvency, stay on the up and up.